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City of Pacific Grove
300 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Phone: (831) 648-3100

City of Pacific Grove > Website


Business License Information
> Monterey County Supplemental Disclosure
> Residential Zoning Records Report

Information Regarding the RZRR

Chapter 23.78 – Sale of Residential Buildings

9.20.040 Inspections and Repairs of Sewer Laterals.

Sample RZRR Report


Residential Zoning Records Report

The City of Pacific Grove has changed the RZRR program. The form is located in the “Required Forms” section and additional information regarding the program is located directly above this paragraph.


Real Estate Sign Policy
Contact: Community Development (831) 648-3190

ON-SITE FOR SALE: One per property, not to exceed 5 Sq Ft including sign rider.
ON-SITE OPEN HOUSE: One per property, not to exceed 5 Sq Ft including sign rider.
OFF-SITE: One per intersection, not to exceed 2 Sq Ft and 4 Ft in height, prohibited on public property

Solicitation Policy
Contact: City Manager (831) 648-3160

– Solicitation permitted for dissemination of information only.
– No selling of goods or services.
– Pacific Grove Business License Required.