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FAQ for New MCAR Members

How Much Are Member Fees?

The new member fees are based on your level of membership with our Association.
Request a membership packet & prorated fee schedule by email: Tina@mcar.com

Designated REALTOR® ……. Broker or Office.
REALTOR® …………………….. Agent in the office.
AFFILIATE ………………………. Business that supports the Real Estate industry.


What are my New Member Obligations?

Complete 3 classes within 6 months of joining MCAR and 1 online test.
The new member orientation and contract/listing classes are offered three to four times per year and will be scheduled during your sign up.

#1 – Attend 1/2 day MCAR Orientation Class
#2 – Attend full day Contract/Listing Class
#3 – Online Ethics course form National Association of REALTORS®
#4 – Attend 1/2 day MLS Orientation Class


When are my Dues Due?

MCAR …………………….. due every July.
CAR and NAR …………. due every January.
View/Pay your dues online at www.MCAR.com

Xpress Key ……… due every June 26th.
Supra eKey ……………… due on the 26th of every month.
Contact Supra Billing to update your billing information 877-699-6787.

MLS is due depending on the date you joined MLS and the payment option you chose.
Contact MLS to update your billing information 866-734-5787.


How do I sign up for the MLS?

Register online at www.pro.mlslistings.com
Click the “Join Now” button on the left.
The fee schedule will be in the online MLS application.

This is a 4-step email process with MLSListings, Inc.

STEP #1 – Receive a DocuSign signature request by email, from MLSListings, Inc.
STEP #2 – Broker will recieve a DocuSign email, from MLSListings, Inc. requesting their signature authorization.
STEP #3 – Receive a welcome email from MLSListings, Inc. with payment and login instructions.
STEP #4 – Attend 1/2 day MLS Orientation Class


How do I get a SUPRA Key or a Lockbox?

You may lease a key once you complete your online registration with MLSListings, Inc.
Supra offers two types of keys: Xpress Key and a Supra App for your iPhone or Android phone.
Lockboxes may be purchased at the MCAR office located at 201-A Calle Del Oaks Place, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940.


How do I get zipForms?

When you become a member with The Monterey County Association of REALTORS®, California Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® you are entitled to begin using zipForms – a free member benefit courtesy of California Association of REALTORS®. Begin creating a username and password online at www.CAR.org and selecting the zipForms icon.

zipForms Customer Service: 800-764-3676


License Renewal Courses

You may use any online school that is approved by the BRE.
Click here to search for approved online Real Estate schools.

How and when do I renew my real estate license?

Once you have completed your online license renewal course log into the CalBRE website at www.bre.ca.gov
Select eLicensing then create a username and password to begin the online renewal process.
You can begin the renewal process 90 days prior to your license expiration date.
To complete this first step you will need a credit card and your course certificate numbers.

Please note: Your license renewal is not complete until your Broker certifies your employment using eLicensing.

eLicensing Help Desk: 916-263-8987


What is a LFRO office or agent?

A Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) is a separate entity that sponsors real estate licensees or appraisers whose sole function is to refer prospective clients to a particular broker. LFRO’s (referral agents) cannot practice real estate in any way nor can a LFRO have MLS or key access.