Contact Information

City of Greenfield
599 El Camino Real
P.O. Box 127
Greenfield, CA 93926

Phone: 831-674-5591
Fax: 831-674-3149

City of Greenfield Website

Did you know?

Building Records Report – Not Required
Contact the Planning Department at (831) 674-5591

Only required if inspection is requested by buyer/seller.

Real Estate Sign Policy

Contact: City Clerk (831) 674-5591

ON-SITE FOR SALE: One per property, not to exceed 6 Sq Ft and 6 Ft in height.
Setback 5 Ft from lot line, 3 Rider Max. Remove within 7 days of sale.

ON-SITE OPEN HOUSE: One per property, not to exceed 6 Sq Ft, 3 Rider Max
OFF-SITE: One sign per change of direction, not to exceed 6 Sq Ft, 5 Sign Max.

Other Policies

Solicitation Permitted
Contact: City Clerk (831) 674-5591

Business and Solicitor Licenses are Required.