COVID-19 Information and Resources

Below is a list of news and resource updates for the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing reopening.

M.C.A.R. Updates and Resources

February 9: Upcoming Events

January 26: MCAR Installation Rescheduled

January 24: Upcoming Events

January 13: RPA Update Class and Legal Update Recording

January 6: Important Announcements Including Installation Postponement

December 23: Happy Holidays from MCAR and Important Reminders

December 14: Indoor Mask Mandate Update

December 10: Important Reminders Ahead of the Holidays

December 6: Installation Tickets & Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available

November 22: Installation Tickets Available, Ben Beesley Appointed to MCAR Board of Directors

November 16: RPA Update Spotlight Series, Coffee with your GAD, Economic Check Up, and reminder that MCAR closed for Thanksgiving

November 10: Important Upcoming Dates and Events

November 3: Important Update for New Monterey County Face Covering Ordinance

October 15: Upcoming Classes and Seminars

October 14: Upcoming Events

October 13: Important Compliance Reminders

October 12: Economic Forecast Nov. 12 presented by Jordan Levine, Vice President and Chief Economist at California Association of REALTORS®

October 1: Salinas ADU Workshops, New RPA and Eviction Law

September 27: Important Upcoming Events and Updates

September 15: Venue Change: MCAR Fundraising Social Sep 23 at Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course

September 7: RPA Update Classes / BT LE Lockbox Buyback

August 18: Upcoming Association Events and Training

August 9: Important MCAR Events

July 21: Important & Exciting MCAR Announcement

July 9: MCAR Fundraising Social, Important Information from CAR, Tech Helpline Update, and Reopening Recap

June 22: COVID-19 Forbearance Relief, Economic Update, and MCAR Closed July 5 Full Reopening July 12

June 16: Register Today for Upcoming MCAR Events and Trainings

June 10: Important New Guidance for Open Houses and Showings

June 2: Important Upcoming Fire Safety and Disclosure Training and Economic Update

May 25: MCAR Economic Update and Upcoming Office Hours

May 14: Updated Guidance on Open Houses

May 12: Open Houses Allowed: New Guidance from CA Public Health Dept.

May 10: MCAR Turns 100

April 27: Spring BBQ Fundraiser for MCAR’s Charitable Trust

April 12: Register Today: MCAR Legislative Day Meeting, CAR Tech Summit, Webinars and More!

April 5: Coffee with Your GAD, Important Announcement from C.A.R., and Legislative Day 2021 Registration

April 1: Register today for important upcoming events including MLSListings, Inc. Update, C.A.R. Legislative Day, and STEPS Toward Homeownership

Mar 29: Important Presentation from MLSListings, Inc. and Updates to CAR Legal Resources

Mar 15: Coffee with your GAD, Upcoming Webinars, and the Latest Updates from C.A.R.

Mar 8: Important Supra eKey Update, New Standards of Practice Webinar, WCR Panel Discussion with City Officials, and Upcoming C.A.R. Webinars

Mar 1: Legal Tools, New Standards of Practice Webinar, WCR Panel Discussion with City Officials, and Upcoming C.A.R. Webinars

Feb 23: New Standards of Practice Webinar, WCR Panel Discussion with City Officials, and the Latest Updates from Tech Helpline and C.A.R.

Feb 17: WCR Panel Discussion with City Officials, Rental Assistance Information, Coffee with Your GAD, and the Latest News from C.A.R.

Feb 8: Important information on foreclosures and evictions, rent and financial relief programs, upcoming webinars

Feb 1: Supra eKey Update and Upcoming Education Opportunities

Jan 25: Update of Stay at Home Order, Register for CAR Attorney Gov Hutchinson Event

Jan 20: Important Update from MLS Listings and Register for MCAR Legal Update with CAR Assistant General Counsel Gov Hutchinson on Feb. 3

Jan 14: Update on Upcoming Webinars and Trainings

Jan 13: PPP Update, Property Management Webinar

Jan 8: Recap of Important Upcoming Events

Jan 5: Important Dues Reminder, Upcoming YPN Legal Talk, Property Management Q and A, and 2021 Tax Updates

Dec 29: HAF’S Home Essentials Program, the Latest Economic Stimulus News from CAR, and State and National REALTOR Dues

Dec 28: Second COVID-19 Relief Package Signed into Law

Dec 19: MLS Rules & DRE Announcements

Dec 16: NAR Presents “First-Time Buyer” Series and the latest news from CAR

Dec 10: Guidance for MCAR REALTORS Under Gov. Newsom’s Dec. Stay at Home Order

Dec 7: Important information regarding curbside pickup of products at MCAR

Nov 23: Important Information About Proposition 19 Regulations and Upcoming zipForm Webinars

Nov 20: Sexual Harassment Training Requirement, MCAR Closed for Thanksgiving, and the Latest News from C.A.R.

Nov 9: Top Producers Panel Tomorrow, MCAR Closed for Veterans Day, YPN Save the Date and the Latest News from C.A.R.

Oct 23: MCAR Scholarship and Women’s Council of Realtors Fundraisers, and the Latest News from C.A.R.

Oct 13: Women’s Council of Realtors Charitable Fundraiser, Upcoming YPN Webinar, and a Message from N.A.R

Oct 10: Important DRE Announcement re. Landlord Rights and Responsibilities, YPN Gives Back Campaign Extended, and News from C.A.R.

Oct 6: C.A.R. Forms Release

Sep 29: Legal Talk Tomorrow and YPN Gives Back Campaign, Charitable Fundraiser Save the Date: Nov 5

Sep 25: Advertising Guidelines, Sign Laws, and the Latest News from YPN and C.A.R

Sep 17: Important DRE & CAR News, Remembering John Saar

Sep 9: Coffee with Your Gov. Affairs Director, Young Professionals Network Event, and the Latest Webinars and News from C.A.R.

Sep 2: MCAR Office Closure Reminder and the Latest News from C.A.R.

Aug 24: Important FEMA Announcement, MCAR Office Closed Labor Day, and Help to Master Your Technology

Aug 20: Important Wildfire Updates, Resources and Assistance

Aug 17: Coffee with your GAD and the Latest Tools and Webinars for Members

Aug 14: Important DRE Update and the Latest News and Event Reminder from C.A.R.

Aug 10: Important Upcoming Webinar and Education Opportunities

Aug 6: Education Opportunities Including DRE Approved Ethics and Risk Management, MCAR zipForms Webinar, and the latest news from C.A.R.

July 30: Reminder of Updated DRE Deadlines, zipForm Training Just for MCAR Members and the Latest News and Legal Tools from C.A.R.

July 23: Special zipForm Training Just for MCAR Members and the Latest News and Updates from C.A.R.

July 21: Coffee with your GAD, Important DRE Updates, and the Latest News from C.A.R.

July 16: MCAR Legal Update Recording, Important DRE Announcement, and the Latest News from C.A.R.

July 13: Register for Tomorrow’s Legal Update and More Upcoming Webinars

July 8: Important Updates on PUA and SBA Loans, Legal Update with Gov Hutchinson

July 2: Important Legal Update and Latest News from C.A.R. and N.A.R.

June 29: In Remembrance of Bob Bratty, Holiday Closure, Latest News from C.A.R.

June 26: Legal Update, Announcements from DRE, and the Latest News from CAR

June 23: Important Broker Insights, Member Information, and MLS Listings Announcement

June 19: In Remembrance of Ron Bird and See the Latest News from C.A.R

June 17: Important Announcements from NAR, DRE, and MLSListings, and the latest news from CAR

June 15: Coffee with your GAD and Important New Information from C.A.R. and MLSListings

June 12: Important Message from C.A.R. President and Upcoming Events

June 8: Important New Information and Webinars from C.A.R. and MLSListings

June 4: News from C.A.R., MLSListings and Upcoming Events

June 3: Important Message from MCAR President and Virtual Training Classes

June 1: Office Soft Opening

May 29: Billing Update and MLSlistings Market Outlook

May 28: Billing Notification, DRE Exams Update, News and Guidance from C.A.R.

May 26: Broker Insights and Tech Support Update

May 22: Updated Best Practices, Documents, and Tech Support

May 21: Water Inspections and News from C.A.R.

May 19: New Compliance Form, Monterey County COVID-19 Testing, and C.A.R. News Digest

May 14: Important Updates from DRE, CAR, MLSListings

May 12: Upcoming Dues and Virtual Events

May 9: Update on County Order

May 8: Gov. Newsom’s Updated Industry Guidance for Real Estate Transactions

May 7: MLSListings Virtual Open House Scheduling Tool – Do’s & Don’ts

May 6: Important Updates from MLSListings and C.A.R.

May 1: Update from DRE and Clarification on Updated Shelter in Place Order

May 1: Updated Shelter in Place Order for Monterey County

April 28: MCAR Alert: New Health Department Order and Help Resources

April 27: Important Information and Legal Update for MCAR Members

April 20: Important Update for MCAR Members

April 16: New Guidance from Monterey County Health Department on Vacant Properties

April 13: C.A.R. Tax Update and N.A.R. Resiliency Report

April 10: MCAR Updates and CAR Newsline Highlights

April 7: Realtors – Recent Recap and New Resources

April 3: Breaking News – Monterey County Classifies Real Estate as Essential Service

March 31: Important Guidance for MCAR Members

March 30: Covid Relief Hotline, Rental Management, and Transaction Resources

March 29: Important MCAR Announcement: Residential Real Estate Now Listed as Essential Service

CDC and local mandates still apply. Please click the link above and read the newsletter.

March 26: MLS Listings Rules Temporarily Relaxed During Shelter-in-Place

Includes changes to:

  • Public Remarks
  • Showing Requirement
  • No Marketing While Withdrawn
  • 1 Photo in 1 Day

March 25: Update from CA Department of Real Estate regarding licensing questions

March 23: MCAR Member Q&A Livestream

MCAR Newsletter, March 19: Very important info for MCAR members – MLS changes: DOM, Open Houses

MCAR Newsletter, March 17: Important Information for MCAR Members During Shelter in Place

C.A.R. Updates and Resources

COVID Relief Hotline: (213) 351-8450, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

June 5: Research Highlights: COVID-19 Housing Market Updates

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance FAQ Video Series

April 24: FAQ for Landlord Issues

April 21: Guidance for Employers

April 17: Relief FAQ for Agents

April 17: Relief FAQ for Brokers

April 16: C.A.R. releases three new and four updated forms for use during the coronavirus pandemic

The following are new forms:

  • Coronavirus Lease/Rental Addendum or Amendment (Form CVA-LR), which can be attached to a lease agreement and creates a contractual agreement if the initial possession in the lease is affected by an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Notice of Unforeseen Lease/Rental Coronavirus Circumstance (Form NUCC-LR), which is to be used when the CVA-LR is part of the lease agreement and one party has an unforeseen circumstance that impacts the ability to perform under the purchase agreement.
  • Coronavirus Lease/Rental Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (PEAD-LR), is used for any visitor who is entering a property with a tenant or occupant, or when it is related to property management.

The following are forms that have been updated — if you have been using one of the following forms, be sure you switch to the updated version:

  • Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (Form CVA)
  • Notice of Unforeseen Coronavirus Circumstance (Form NUCC)
  • Listing Agreement Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (Form RLA-CAA)
  • Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (Form PEAD)

You can access all these forms here. The updated forms are set to go live in zipForm® on Friday, and the new forms will be available in zipForm® on Monday.

March 27 Important Update:

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act has been signed into law; vital relief for REALTORS® is on the way. C.A.R. worked with N.A.R. to ensure these REALTOR®-supporting provisions remained in the final bill:

  • Forgivable Small Business Administration Loans – Under the CARES Act, self-employed independent contractors may qualify for forgivable SBA loans. Under this program, borrowers who take out 7(a) SBA loans between Feb. 15, 2020, and June 30, 2020 to cover payroll costs, mortgage interest, rents, and utility costs during the covered period may be forgiven. C.A.R. urged Congress to include this provision; as independent contractors, REALTORS® do not have access to the safety net of unemployment benefits afforded to millions during this crisis.
  • Direct Payments to REALTORS® – Like many Americans, REALTORS® and their families with adjusted gross annual incomes of up to $75,000 will receive a rebate check of $1,200 ($2,400 for married couples with gross annual incomes up to $150,000). An additional $500 may be given per child in the household. This rebate amount decreases for incomes above those amounts and is completely phased out for individual incomes exceeding $99,000 ($198,000 married). These payments are expected to start going out in April.
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance – REALTORS® who are not otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance, such as independent contractors, will be able to obtain unemployment assistance for up to 39 weeks if they were negatively impacted as a result of COVID-19 between Jan. 27- Dec. 31, 2020.

For more information on how to access benefits included in the CARES Act, see our FAQs on Financial Resources for REALTORS® and Financial Resources for Brokers. We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

March 26 Important Update:

Please read about important C.A.R. policy updates and member resources.

  • Relief for REALTORS® as Independent Contractors
  • Updates on Online Notary services and Real Estate as an Essential Service
  • Resources for Members, Legal and Transaction Rescue Hotlines

March 25 Important Update:

Please click the following link for the most up-to-date information from C.A.R. on Covid-19. This is a very clear Q&A document that addresses what is and is not permissible as REALTORS® during the Shelter In Place Order. It also provides some great resources and links including SBA loans for REALTORS®.

March 24: C.A.R. releases second issue of California Coronavirus Weekly Recap newsletter

  • Around the State: REALTORS® should conduct as much business as possible virtually
  • The Market: C.A.R. currently forecasts home sales to decline in high single digits in 2020
  • The Economy & Your Finances: Aid is on the way
  • Health Check-Up: Covered California extends special enrollment period

March 20: C.A.R.’s Guidance on Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order

March 19: C.A.R. President Jeanne Radsick gives an update on new REALTOR® tools to deal with COVID-19

N.A.R. Updates and Resources

April 16: NAR’s Advocacy Work Toward COVID-19 Reief

April 10: IRS Extends More Tax Deadlines for Individuals, Businesses

March 27: Congress Clears Coronavirus Rescue Bill Filled with REALTOR® Benefits
Include’s N.A.R.’s comprehensive guide to all benefits for REALTORS®

March 26: NAR Wins Major Provisions for REALTORS®
U.S. Senate passed a $2 trillion COVID-19 economic relief package.

March 18: NAR Coronavirus Resources – Guidance for Property Owners & Employers

Community Updates

July 23: Monterey Weekly – C.A.R. statement on HUD’s roll back of rule that would weaken fair housing laws

June 2: Monterey Herald – Monterey County’s $660K median home price up 10% over last year

May 18: California housing market feels full brunt of coronavirus outbreak in April, C.A.R. reports

April 7: Important Reminder – All City Parks Closed

March 25: Statement to the Community Regarding the April 10th Property Tax Delinquency Date

March 20: Seaside Update Regarding Real Property Inspection Reports

March 19: Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce: Grocery Store Hours