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Monterey County

Monterey County has a very rich history and is one of the original counties in California. Since its inception in 1850, the county’s reputation has been known for the magnificent coastline, wonderful recreational options and its world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is a magnet to tourists and locals alike. Like most of the Bay Area, much of Monterey County has Mediterranean-like climate which makes for fertile soil and ideal agricultural conditions. Agriculture is a $3.8 billion industry in the county and the cities of Salinas, King City and Greenfield are responsible for supplying the nation with 80 percent of its lettuce and artichokes alone.

Tourists come to Monterey County not just for is beautiful scenery, but also for the many attractions it has to offer. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is responsible for attracting thousands of visitors each day. Big Sur and Carmel are very popular destinations. Pebble Beach, one of the most famous golf courses in the world, can be found here. Cities like Pacific Grove, Carmel and Seaside, have quaint shopping districts lined with unique shops and eateries. Many cities in the county have bike or multi-use paths running right through their downtown districts making transportation a bit easier for locals and tourist alike.

Officially titled Carmel-by-the-Sea, this small town is located in Monterey County and neighbored by Monterey, Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Originally founded to be a haven for artists and intellectuals, this seaside town works hard to keep its reputation as a ‘residential city’ intact. A Carmel city ordinance passed in 1929 states that all existing and future businesses must remain subordinate to the city’s ‘residential character,’ and any Carmel home or road built in the city must be created around any existing trees to maintain the town’s natural beauty. Also known for being one of the most dog friendly towns in America, a large portion of Carmel real estate is made up of hotels and restaurants that almost all allow dogs to stay with their owners and some of the restaurants even offer “doggie menus.” Carmel real estate has some of the most picturesque views of the Pacific coastline in California and the town is a popular destination for travelers offering great hotels, restaurants, spas, boutiques, and much more. Carmel is home to many well-known people, including Clint Eastwood. Did you know that he once was the Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea? The area has outstanding schools (both private and public) and is serviced by Carmel Unified School District. This quaint and influential town is a great place to raise a family and Meeting an Agent to navigate Carmel real estate is highly advisable. You can conduct your own search of Carmel homes by searching the city’s 93921 or 93923 zip codes.

Del Rey Oaks

The City of Del Rey Oaks in Monterey County is bordered by Sand City and Seaside. Highways 1, 218, and 68 make this quaint city accessible to other Monterey County cities including Carmel, Pacific Grove and Salinas. This city provides its residents with plenty of open space and more than 18 public parks. Of all these parks the Del Rey Oaks’ Frog Pond Wetland Preserve is the most renowned. Frog Pond Wetland Preserve is a 17-acre wildlife inhabited area (primarily made up of varying species of birds and frogs) that is open to the public. While this city may have a small town feel, it also offers big city outlet shopping as well as the Stone Creek Village Shopping Center just off Highway 68. Here you’ll find all the comforts you need, including Wells Fargo bank, restaurants, specialty stores, a pet emergency clinic, and the biggest Safeway in Monterey County. Del Rey Oaks has one private preschool and is otherwise serviced by Monterey Peninsula Unified School District. You can Meet an Agent to help you steer through Del Rey Oaks real estate or search Del Rey Oaks homes by its zip code 93940.


Located in Monterey County, the city of Gonzales has gone through significant growth since its inception in 1872 and has the nicknames to prove it. Gonzales was originally known as “Little Switzerland” after its resemblance to the valley landscape of Switzerland and its predominantly Swiss population. The city later gained the nickname “The Heart of the Salad Bowl” due to its central location in the highly fertile and agricultural Salinas Valley. While agriculture is still the city’s main source of business, the booming wine industry is moving in, giving it a new nickname – the “Wine Capital of Monterey County.” Gonzales real estate today now includes a shopping center made up of various shops and restaurants so residents and visitors alike can enjoy some big town leisure along with the city’s small town charm. Residents in the area enjoy very mild summer days and cool nights, and also experience Indian Summers which is when this temperate climate carries through the winter season. Gonzales provides plenty of recreational opportunities to all its citizens and Monterey County also offers recreational programs accessible to Gonzales’ residents. The city’s Central Park is very popular and is the site of many annual events including the annual Fourth of July Family Celebration. Gonzales Unified School District services the city with three schools and the city is accessible to Salinas, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey via Highway 101. Search Gonzales real estate by its zip code 93926 or use our website to Meet an Agent who can assist you in purchasing your perfect Gonzales home.

Greenfield, an agricultural city, is located in the heart of Monterey County. It takes pride in maintaining its small town/agricultural atmosphere, and is thriving because of it. Greenfield had the fastest growing population of any city in Monterey County in the 2000’s and its annual Harvest Festival is becoming one of the area’s most popular events. Greenfield homes enjoy views of both the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges. Greenfield real estate and residents attend the Greenfield Union School District for elementary and middle school levels. Greenfield High School is located within the city limits but is part of the King City Joint Union High School District. Highway 101 runs through this city making it accessible to Salinas, San Jose, San Francisco, and its neighboring cities of King City and Soledad. Greenfield homes and residents enjoy moderate temperatures throughout the year, including mild winters and summers that are warm and dry. This city has several well-maintained business districts, numerous parks and playgrounds, friendly neighborhoods and is a great place to start and raise a family. Meet an Agent to help you search Greenfield real estate or conduct your own Greenfield homes search by searching the city’s 93927 zip code.
King City is in Monterey County and located in the heart of the Salinas Valley. With a population just topping more than 11,000 people, this growing city was originally established as an agricultural city. King City continues that tradition today and has also made a mark as a food packaging town. King City homes have beautiful mountain views and access to both Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiento for boating and other water activities. This city has beautiful tree-lined communities comprised of both King City homes and King City rentals. Visitors and residents to the area experience a year round temperate climate. Highway 101 goes through this quaint city making it easily accessible to local cities like Greenfield, Soledad, Gonzales and Salinas. Recently, King City real estate has been developing into more than just an agricultural town and now includes Mee Memorial Hospital, a Municipal Airport, a four pool community complex, a golf course, and three city-run parks. King City is heavily invested in strong education for its youth and is serviced by King City Joint Union High School District and King City Elementary School District. This agricultural city also has good private school options and is conveniently located close to several universities and community colleges. Being a beautiful area to raise a family, it is highly advisable for you to Meet an Agent when trying to find your perfect King City home. Enhance your search of King City real estate by searching the city’s 93930zip code.
Marina is a beautiful seaside city located in Monterey County. The city is home to Marina State Beach which has 170 acres of protected sand dunes that extend down to Sand City. Like most seaside cities, this one offers numerous water and beach related activities such as hiking and bike trails, ocean kayaking, boating, surfing and much more. But Marina homes are in more than just another beach town. Originally a city founded on agriculture, today, Marina takes great pride in its mix of being a charming seaside community offering some real big city accommodations. The area is has numerous parks and hosts some of the biggest festivals in the area highlighted by the Marina Wind Festival and Marina Air Faire. The city’s Certified Farmers’ Market is held every Sunday and residents are provided an abundance of activities for all ages. Marina real estate is accessed by Highway 101 and the Monterey-Salinas Transit making it accessible to Monterey, Salinas, San Jose, and Santa Cruz. The city’s shopping districts are comprised of a diverse mix of quaint boutiques, art galleries, restaurants of varying cuisines and national retail chains. Marina has great schools, a new public library, and is home to California State University, Monterey Bay. The city has great views of the Pacific Ocean and all of Marina real estate enjoys classic Mediterranean whether mixed with the occasional fog and breeze of any beach town. Use our website and Meet an Agent to help you search Marina real estate, or conduct your own search of Marina homes through the city’s 93933 zip code.
The City of Monterey is located in Monterey County and is one of the most historic cities in California’s rich history. It was the capital of Alta California during both the Spanish and Mexican rule and is home to California’s first theatre, public building, public library, publicly funded school, printing press, and newspaper. Today Monterey is a waterfront community that offers beautiful views of its California coastline. The city is home to world-renowned attractions and festivals highlighted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf’s shopping and restaurants, and the Monterey Jazz Festival. Monterey homes and their residents experience a temperate year-round climate perfect for kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching, golfing or any other outdoor activity this city provides. This city is neighbored by Pacific Grove, Carmel, Sand City, and Del Rey Oaks. It’s easily accessible to other Monterey County cities via Highway 1, Highway 68, U.S. Route 101, and its own Monterey Regional Airport. Monterey has a diverse job market with the city’s top employers including the best in hospitality, healthcare, education and research. There are great schools at all grade levels and the area is home to a Naval Postgraduate School as well. We recommend Meet an Agent to help you discover your ideal Monterey home or you can modify your own Monterey real estate search by searching these zip codes: 93940, 93941, or 93943.
Located at the tip of the scenic Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove real estate has been dubbed by Life Magazine “The Most Romantic City in the U.S.,” and is known for its beauty, small-town hospitality, and friendliness. The city is host to the Point Pinos Lighthouse (the oldest continuously-operated lighthouse on the west coast), Asilomar State Park, and Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course which is the top rated municipal golf course in the state. Pacific Grove is also known as Butterfly Town U.S.A. because every October the Monarch butterfly migrates to Pacific Grove’s Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary where they stay until February. This city offers breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean and tons of recreational options for its residents. Students attend schools in the Pacific Grove Unified School District which is ranked the best of all public school districts on the Monterey Peninsula according to its Academic Performance Index scores. The city is neighbored by Monterey and Carmel, and Highway 1 and Highway 68 run through it making it just a short drive away from Sand City, Pebble Beach and other Monterey County cities. Pacific Grove also has an award winning natural history museum, great shopping districts and boasts the lowest crime of any city in Monterey County. Pacific Grove real estate is very popular and you can Meet an Agent to help you explore this beautiful area. You can search Pacific Grove homes on your own by searching its 93950 zip code.
Pebble Beach is an unincorporated community in Monterey County known for its first-class accommodations and striking landscape. The area is home to eight world-class golf courses, including the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Links. Pebble Beach has hosted the U.S. Open of golf five times. Residents, along with thousands of visitors, make their way every year to be spectators of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am PGA tournament which is held on 3 of the city’s world class golf courses. Pebble Beach has one coed half-boarding, half-day private high school within the city limits and is otherwise served by public schools located in the neighboring cities of Pacific Grove and Carmel. Highways 1 and 68 run through Pebble Beach real estate connecting it to Highway 101 and the rest of Monterey County. This city has amazing shopping, some of the best restaurants in California, and is home to numerous festivals and events like the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auto show. Pebble Beach homes are primarily made-up of single-family homes and sprawling estates, and residents include such famous people as Clint Eastwood, Charles R. Schwab, George Lopez and Alan Shepard. Search Pebble Beach real estate by its 93953 zip code or Meet an Agent to help you navigate this highly sought after market and find your perfect Pebble Beach home.
The people who live in Salinas homes enjoy a temperate year-round climate, one which makes the Salinas Valley one of the premier agricultural hubs not only of California, but of the world. Salinas real estate is located in Monterey County and while it’s very proud of being a leader in the world of agriculture, this city offers more than that to its residents. The city hosts the Steinbeck Festival (it is the hometown of world renowned author John Steinbeck), the California International Airshow and the California Rodeo which are all major attractions held in the city annually. “Old Town Salinas,” the original downtown area of the city, is made up of many businesses including banks, restaurants, retail and repair shops, spas, law offices and more. This area of Salinas’s real estate is home to the city’s transit center which is serviced by the Monterey and Salinas Transit systems, Amtrak trains, and Greyhound buses. Highway 101, along with California State Routes 68 and 183, make the City of Salinas easily accessible to Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, and much of Monterey County. Salinas real estate has its own airport and the city’s students attend the Salinas Union High School District, Salinas City Elementary School District, five other nearby school districts. The city is home to Hartnell Community College. Salinas real estate is diverse and you can Meet an Agent to help you locate your best Salinas home is advisable. You can conduct your own search of Salinas homes by the searching Salinas’s largest populated zip codes 93901, 93905, or 93906.
Seaside real estate is located in Monterey County and sits south of Santa Cruz, west of Salinas, and just north of Monterey. Seaside homes are greeted every morning by breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay and enjoy a year-round temperate climate coupled with the area’s Indian Summers. The City of Seaside has all the amenities of any beach city like kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, parasailing and more. The city hosts the world-class Bayonet and Blackhorse Golf course which is where the 2012 PGA Professional National Championship was held. Most of Seaside’s business community is family-owned businesses along with some national retailers and many eclectic restaurants and eateries. The city provides a variety of recreational services for Seaside’s youths, adults and seniors; and the city offers 86 acres of open space including 24 neighborhood parks and a large regional park. The city’s educational needs are met by the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District and the International School of Monterey which is a non-profit public charter school. Seaside also has options for higher education with California State University, Monterey Bay and Monterey College of Law located within the city limits. Highway 101 and California State Route 1 make their way through the city and connect it to larger municipalities like Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco. Search Seaside real estate by its 93955 zip code or Meet an Agent using our website to have professional help in finding your perfect Seaside home.
Soledad real estate is located in Monterey County and was originally founded by Spanish missionaries. Over the years this city has grown into a great community to live and raise a family. Students in the area attend Soledad Unified School District. The city also has a community education center which provides programs that include independent study courses, adult education and regional occupational programs. The Monterey-Salinas Transit line operates busses that run through Soledad real estate connecting it to nearby cities like King City and Salinas. Highway 101 also runs through the city and offers residents an easy commute to bigger cities like Santa Cruz and San Jose. The city’s economy is primarily made up of agriculture, but the Soledad Energy Partnership runs an energy plant within the city limits and employees many of the city’s residents. Soledad real estate has about 65 acres of open space which includes thirteen public parks, and the city is just a short drive away from Pinnacles National Monument. Soledad is also conveniently located nearby Monterey’s wine country which includes wineries like Kendall-Jackson, Chalone, Estansia and more. Search Soledad real estate by using the city’s 93960 zip code. You can also use our website to Meet an Agent to help you find a Soledad home that best fits you.
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