How Do I: Determine a CMA Value (Matrix)

The Art of CMA

MLSListings offers our subscriber community a variety of comparative market analysis (CMA) products. Some are easy and quick. Others are more complex but extremely information-rich. This course dives into several of our primary CMA product offerings, highlighting the features and benefits of each one.

You will learn the fundamentals of creating searches within a variety of CMA tools, as well as advanced data filtering and sorting, to produce well-defined market valuations for your clients.

Course Content/Modules

  • Choose your CMA solution
  • Set up your CMA template
  • Mini CMA/Stats Tabular
  • Quick CMA
  • Advanced CMA

Course Duration and Format

This is a 90-minute seminar/workshop format course


Matrix 101
Matrix 201


Quick CMA
Advanced CMA

User Guides

Starting a CMA
Quick CMA
Advanced CMA