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Manage Keybox allows you to monitor your property based on who has visited your lockbox. The Manage Keybox page will display information related to your Keybox, like an Agent’s Name and Date/Time of visit. You may already get this information from other sources.  Manage Keybox allows you to access this information directly from your My Listings page.

Setting up Manage Keybox requires your Listing Agent ID (LAG ID). The LAG ID was issued to you by your Association when you signed up for Supra Key access. Typically, your LAG ID is either your DRE#, your DRE# without the leading zeros, or your NRDS#.  If you do not know your LAG ID, please contact your Association to retrieve the number issued to you.

Please have this information with you before setting up the Manage Keybox page on your account.

  1. Starting from your My Info page, click on Setup Keybox.
  2. Enter in your LAG ID. Try your full 8-digit DRE# first, then try it without the leading zero(s). If your DRE# does not work, try your NRDS#.
  3. Click Submit to save your LAG ID.
  4. Go to your My Listings page, then click Manage Keybox to verify your LAG ID.
  5. If the next page asks you to provide your Serial Number and Shackle Code, please provide this information to complete the process. If the LAG ID is showing as Invalid, repeat this process starting at Step 1.

After you have set up your LAG ID, working inside the Manage Keybox page is simple. The page is designed to provide reports, which are located at the green tabs on the top of the page. The Showing Activity tab will show the Visiting Date, Key Serial, Keyholder’s Name, Office, and Phone Numbers. The Keybox Setting tab will display the current settings configured for your Keybox. You can Print the information on either tab, by clicking Print Page, located on the right. Also, you can access SupraWEB directly from either tab by clicking the Log on to SupraWEB link.

Only Agents that have eSync-ed their Supra Keys will appear under Showing Activity.  When the Supra Key is returned to its cradle, the eSync process occurs.  All the information that was saved on the Supra Key is sent out to Supra.  This information then becomes available on your listing after Supra receives it.